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Taking care of business

I W Jamieson & Co are able to assist Sole Traders and Directors of companies who are experiencing financial problems. Important and vital decisions affecting your future should not be made without professional advise. There are many legal options available depending on your individual circumstance.

Naturally, each individual case has it's own predicament. Clients could be having to deal with Solicitors letters, Bailiffs visits, threats of litigation and Revenue & Customs pressure. Sole Traders could be concerned with the possibility that they may lose the family home. Directors likewise if they have given Personal Guarantees to their bankers.

We are professionally committed to explaining all the legal options available to our client. Consultations are free of charge and needless to say are strictly confidential.

We have produced information on our website in a no nonsense fashion. Without hype and smart sales agency jargon. When the chips are down people need straight answers. Please take the time to visit the various areas of our website.

I W Jamieson  AABRP MCMI.


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